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Crazy That Way

For her sixth birthday, she asked for a tie
Like the kind her daddy wore
It made him look regal, and handsome, and strong
And she wanted to feel powerful too.
“Don’t be crazy,” they said, and handed her a dress. 
“This is what girls wear.”

So she held herself straight in the pink corset 
Trying not to think of doctors, and presidents, and kings.

In seventh grade, she met a girl who took her breath away
Hair like the sun and eyes like the sea
Her heart would beat fast and she would smile every day
She thought that she might be in love.
“It’s just a phase,” they said, and handed her a bible. 
“Girls only like boys.”

So she danced with a boy and let him kiss her
Trying not to think of rosy cheeks and glossy lips.

Sweet sixteen, and she found solace in stories 
Adventures, and heroes, and noble quests
She wrote and drew and dressed as the characters she loved -
An expression of everything she was and wanted to be -
And she wanted to show the world what she’d created.
“Fangirls are crazy,” they said. “No one w…